How to have a better work-life balance

Money, time, family… How to have them all in a balanced way? Here are some valuable advices!

work-life balance

There is no fixed definition of work-life balance. This term refers to a situation whereby employees strike a balance between their work and their personal lifestyle. A lot of organizations have put structures in place to see that their employees are able to achieve proper work-life balance.

It is unfortunate to discover that several people often work themselves out, cut themselves off from their families and unable to attend to personal issues as a result of unbalanced work-life they are presently experiencing. This situation has caused a lot of crises in individuals and several homes, leading to poor health of the employee, stress, depression, hatred for the job, ineffectiveness, anxiety, to mention a few.

This article will examine the importance of work-life balance and ways of achieving it, both in your workplace as well as in your business.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

importance work life balance

Below is the importance of work-life balance to the employees and the organization as well.

1. When a proper work-life balance is put in place, employees will be able to work at optimum capacity. This is because issues that can affect their performance have already been catered for.

2. Many employees often find one excuse or the other to absent themselves from work. When a work-life balance is adopted, they will be more regular and committed to their jobs.

3. Work-life balance lessens the stress employees are subjected to. It offers them quality time for their loved ones, families, leisure and also enables them to attend to their health.

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4. An employee that enjoys work-life balance will not only be dedicated to his or her work, such employee will also be loyal and hard working. Besides, employees will see this as a form of motivation which will propel them to put in their best.

5. Organizations and businesses also benefit from work-life balance because its flexibility feature will enable them to regularly meet the demand of their clients. For instance, workers run shifts and work part-time. This will ensure that they are always on ground to attend to customers.

Ways to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

better work-life


1. To achieve a work-health balance, do not overdo one at the expense of the other. Many people have been addicted to their work to the extent that they hardly rest. This has a lot of negative consequences. While it is absolutely necessary to work hard, this should not be done at the expense of your own comfort.

2. Many people fail to consider their health while on the job. This practice is not desirable. Health is wealth and this should be considered. If you are suffering from an ailment, rather than managing it, opt for permission and see your doctor. Don’t ignore this advice and jeopardize your health. Remember that for you to perform your duties effectively, a sound health is a requirement.

3. You will not experience a work-life balance if you don’t cherish your job. Imagine a person who is always sad and afraid whenever he is about to resume work. When you lack job satisfaction, your work-life will not be balanced. A way out of this is to analyze those things that make you hate your present job and try to fix them. You can also consult a therapist for proper counseling. If you are yet to get a job, remember that you should only apply for the job you love.

4. It is highly essential to take a rest, to enable the body system recover and regain lost strength. You can take a rest for few minutes and get back to work. This will enable you to achieve physical fitness and be more active. Insufficient rest can result in several conditions like high blood pressure, stress, depression, joint and body pains, headaches, etc. You can also opt for vacation or leave in some cases, to enable you to achieve sufficient rest.

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