3 weird beauty hacks that actually work

Enough of expensive salons and fancy treatments! Learn how to use these weird beauty hacks.
weird beauty hacks
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Everyone wants to be beautiful and bringing out the inner you that shows your outer beauty can be a real challenge. How do you show the world how lovely you really are? There’s lots of conventional advice, but not all of it is helpful. Some of the absolute best ways to look fantastic just won’t be found in beauty magazines. Expensive salons, fancy treatments, designer clothes – everyone’s heard about them. But do you know these weird beauty hacks that ACTUALLY work? You should!

3 strange and weird beauty hacks that actually work

It’s true….sure, these might be a little weird. But they’re also effective and affordable. Try them out! A little knowledge can go very far, and your friends will be envious of your great look. You can tell them your secret…or keep it to yourself!

The pepto bismol mask

pepto bismol mask
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Sure, it’s got that minty smell, but it’s not bad, and it’s SO PINK…..and it will leave your skin FANTASTIC. Plus, it feels really good going on.

The magic of beer

beer beauty facemask

No, don’t drink it – you can, but that’s not the secret. Beer will get rid of ALL the buildup and product in your hair. It’s like the secret, delightfully alcoholic “reboot” button. Just massage it into your scalp.

Olive oil

olive oil beauty hacks

No, not the Popeye character. Real, extra virgin olive oil. Gets rid of eyeliner, lipstick, and many other difficult-to-remove cosmetics. Plus, EVO is good for you – make sure you have some on hand in general for cooking, your body will thank you!

3 weird beauty hacks you should avoid

avoid weird beauty hacks
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Not every hack works. There are some urban legends out there, and you MUST know them. Don’t waste your time or (in some cases) risk your best health. Be prepared, know the facts!

1. NO PEROXIDE for your teeth! It’s true…they will be whiter. But there are some real health risks involved in swirling peroxide in your mouth. It can make you spacy and loopy. Plus, it tastes terrible.

2. Vaseline is NOT an exfoliant! It’s gentle, but it won’t remove layers. All it does is make your face slimy (ick!)

3. Strawberries on your teeth. Well, this one won’t hurt you. But it won’t do too much. And getting that extra red in there makes it difficult to see if you’re having challenging gum problems.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this and found it useful. You CAN look more beautiful and more glamorous with just a LITTLE effort! Just remember these WEIRD tricks to look and feel your best!

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