50 vegan recipes for any meal

From breakfast to dessert, show off your cooking skills with these recipes

vegan recipes
Source: Unsplash

Vegan recipes have a reputation they clearly do not deserve, and vegans know it. The meat-lovers might eye these meals suspiciously but when cruelty is removed, spiced and herbs can do their work even better.

These are recipes infused with new and intense flavors that can leave a smile on anyone’s face because of how good they are. Not to mention, they are healthy and promote a stronger and more capable body.

If you’re a vegan looking for new meals to prepare, or simply a newbie curious about trying vegan recipes, then you have to check these dishes. Recipes will be presented in categories (breakfast, appetizers, lunch, dinner and dessert) for more convenience.

Best vegan recipes for breakfast

Start your day full of energy and tasty flavors with the following vegan recipes for breakfast. You will find different options, from sweet to savory and with variable difficulty levels to prepare.

1. Vegan eggs Benedict

Vegan eggs Benedict vegan recipes
Source: The Edgy Veg

Did you enjoy eggs in the morning for breakfast before becoming a vegan? If so, keep that enjoyment going on with this vegan recipe of eggs Benedict.

It might seem like the Devil’s work the similarity to real eggs, but it’s just an egg replacement carefully seasoned to create a flavor as close to the original as possible.

2. Chilaquiles with pepitas, charred corn and black beans

Chilaquiles with pepitas charred corn and black beans vegan recipes
Source: Serious Eats

Vegan recipes are great to start the day energetic and in a healthy way. Start yours with an intense flavor experience too with this meal.

Inspired by an original Mexican breakfast dish, it takes it’s time to prepare, but your body will receive a boost of energy to start up its day ahead of its game.

3. Almond butter pancakes

Almond butter pancakes vegan recipes
Source: Chocolate covered Katie

If you prefer to start your days with a sweet taste, you’ll have to try these pancakes. Besides being very nutritious to your body right from the morning, they’re also a treat with their softness and tastiness.

Another great thing is that this recipe already takes into account different preferences and needs, and leaves enough room for you to adapt it to your case. And if you prefer pancakes with a more traditional texture, thickness and flavor, check these 3 recipes of eggless pancakes.

4. Hummus toast with wilted spinach and tomatoes

Hummus toast with wilted spinach and tomatoes vegan recipes
Source: This Savory Vegan

For breakfast, for brunch or for whenever you feel like it, these toasts are very easy to prepare but great to eat.

Hummus over a nice bread toast is always a win, but what makes this recipe even more interesting is the way the tomato juices spread all over it and into the mouth at each bite.

5. Oatmeal breakfast cups

Oatmeal breakfast cups vegan recipes
Source: She Likes Food

Because eating the same breakfast every day can become boring, try out these recipes of little cups of oatmeal.

You can bake them with different flavors for a new taste every morning, save them in the fridge for a touch of freshness and even take them on the go when you’re running late.

6. Banana French toast

Banana French toast vegan recipes
Source: Vegan Richa

If you were a fan of the traditional French toast, this one will destroy any longing feeling you might have for it because it’s so much better.

The spiced bread soaked in maple syrup and almond milk gets the right texture and consistency from the traditional recipe but with much more flavor and nuances. And the banana on top caramelized with coconut sugar is just divine.

7. Banana berry beet smoothie bowl

Banana berry beet smoothie bowl vegan recipes
Source: Jessica in the Kitchen

From a glass to a bowl with extra freshness and tastiness. Enjoy all the benefits of beet juice and create a creamy and fulfilling breakfast with this smoothie with a consistency closer to yogurt.

Not only will you feel more satisfied because you’re eating eat instead of drinking it, having it in a bowl also has the added advantage that you can include fresh fruit for more nutrients and flavor.

8. Eggless waffles with cherry sauce

Eggless waffles with cherry sauce
Source: Vegan Heaven

Pamper your sweet tooth with this eggless waffles and start your day with a smile on your face. With this vegan recipe, the waffle still gets the same consistency and fluffiness as a regular one prepared with eggs, with the added advantage of the soft but sweet taste of the almond milk used to prepare it.

You can also learn how to make a vegan cherry sauce to go on top and make this meal even more delicious. The best part is that you can adapt the cherry sauce recipe to any other berries you might like better.

9. Vegan breakfast sandwich

Vegan breakfast sandwich vegan recipes
Source: Vegan Huggs

Sandwiches tend to be the last resort for breakfast. Just something you eat when you don’t have time to prepare anything more complex and satisfying but you still need the energy and nutrients to start your day. This is not one of those sandwiches.

Inspired by the fatty and unhealthy breakfast sandwiches of Long Island, this is a much healthier, tasty and cruelty-free. What makes it stand out, though, is the fried tofu seasoned with kala namak salt that gives it the savory nuance you came to care about.

10. Coconut matcha green tea latte oatmeal

Coconut matcha green tea latte oatmeal vegan recipes
Source: Cotter Crunch

The matcha tea is making headlines lately for its health benefits, which is why it’s so beloved by the Japanese. So, why not take a different and more creative approach and enjoy it for breakfast in a bowl with oatmeal and coconut milk? It’s creamy, rich in antioxidants and it’s a good to start the morning in a different way.

Best vegan recipes for appetizers/entrees

Coming next, you can find different vegan recipes that you can present as an appetizer, entree or even as a snack. They vary considerably between themselves but they all have one thing in common: they’re great.

1. Thai green papaya salad with tofu

Thai green papaya salad with tofu vegan recipes
Source: May I have that recipe?

This recipe is classified as an entree but you can also use it for lunch as it is a complete and very tasty salad.

Both ingredients and preparation are quite simple but you wouldn’t tell by tasting it. Using the right condiments and herbs, this salad’s flavor gets a fresh and tangy touch, complemented by the soft and sweet papaya.

2. Lasagna cups

Lasagna cups vegan recipes
Source: Beyond Meat

Tiny, practical and packed with flavor, these lasagna cups will become everyone’s favorite snack to take with them in their lunch boxes. Kids in particular love these tiny cups, which are so tasty, the little ones don’t even realize there’s no meat in sight.

3. Baked sweet potato and tempeh empanadas

Baked sweet potato and tempeh empanadas vegan recipes
Source: Food and Wine

Grace your guests and families with these nice entrees full of protein and flavor. With a light feel and soft but present savor, they are perfect as a quick nibbler before a meal. They’re also great to take with you to work or to a picknick.

4. Spinach and artichoke dip

Spinach and artichoke dip vegan recipes
Source: My darling vegan

Set up the table and enchant everyone with this dip of artichoke and spinach.

Looks wise, not even your non-vegan friends will resist trying it out. And don’t worry. They will keep coming back for more as the delicious taste of vegan cheese starts over the bread toasts starts to fade off.

5. Pretzel bites

Pretzel bites vegan recipes
Source: Hot for Food

Some vegan recipes don’t need to be explained or advertised. Do you really need to be convinced to try this recipe? Just the name is enough to draw everyone into trying these tine bits of bread and salt dipped in spicy mustard.

6. Crispy mac and cheese balls

Crispy mac and cheese balls vegan recipes
Source: Veggies Don’t Bite

Mac and Cheese is always a winner. It’s not fancy, it’s not particularly healthy and yet, it’s impossible to go a long time without it. You will find a fairly standard Mac&Cheese recipe below, but this one stands out for the different approach to it.

These tiny balls are perfect as appetizers, snacks, entrees, basically, for whenever and wherever you feel like. The softness of the interior and the slight crisp touch of the ball’s surface are just incredible.

7. Mexican street corn

Mexican street corn vegan recipes
Source: Brand New Vegan

Sometimes, the simplest way is the best. If you’re looking for a simple crowd pleasure as an appetizer or a snack to present to your guest, you can’t go wrong with grilled corn.

Even without any seasoning, a corncob is always tasty because of the sweetness of its sweetness. However, this recipe really takes it a step forward with the marinade. A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there and born is an amazing vegan recipe.

8. Spinach pinwheels with cream cheese

Spinach pinwheels with cream cheese vegan recipes
Source: Vegan Richa

Get fancy and prepare this savory appetizers or entrees to impress your guests. It’s hard to miss it with a nice vegan puffy pastry, but the seasoning, aromatic herbs, and especially the combination of spinach with salted cream cheese really makes the difference for the better here.

9. Nachos with cashews and cheese

Nachos with cashews and cheese vegan recipes
Source: Cadry’s Kitchen

Don’t you just love when you see old favorites being turned into vegan recipes that turn up as or even better than the original ones? This is one of those cases.

Enjoy this classic snack once again and prepare these tasty nachos with seitan chorizo and black beans.

10. Rolled toasted mushroom

Rolled toasted mushroom vegan recipes
Source: Vegan in the Freezer

Get creative and surprise your guests with this original finger food meal. The creamy mushrooms involved in a layer of toasted bread might not look like much, but their taste will surely change your opinion.

Best vegan recipes for lunch

Do you cook your own lunch to take to work with you? Do you have a family lunch coming along and you want to surprise your guests with your vegan skills in the kitchen? You came to the right place. Check out the following recipes.

1. Ratatouille

Ratatouille vegan recipes
Source: Bon appétit

The little mouse extended its fame worldwide but the ratatouille was already a staple dish for many vegans. And with good reason. Not only it’s nutritious dish but it’s also proof that veggies reputation from blandness couldn’t be more wrong placed.

2. Soba noodle salad with ginger peanut dressing

Soba noodle salad began recipes
Source: Vegetarian Times

Is it a salad? Is it a noodle dish? It really doesn’t matter. The point is this is a great recipe for lunch.

The fresh nuances of the ginger and the lime zest combine perfectly with the salty but sweet taste of peanut butter. It might look simple to the eye, but your taste buds will certainly appreciate it.

3. Soy marinated tofu bowl with spicy peanut sauce

Soy marinated tofu bowl with spicy peanut sauce vegan recipes
Source: Budget Bytes

This is a hardworking recipe with several steps to pay attention to, but it’s worth it.

It might look bland and simple at first sight, but this rice bowl is packed with intense flavors provided by the sauces and the marinated tofu itself. It’s the perfect lunch dish if you’re looking for something tasty with an Asian touch to it.

4. Rainbow nourishment bowl

Rainbow nourishment bowl vegan recipes
Source: Vegan Easy

Whoever said salads are boring and bland clearly never tried this vegan recipe. As its name hints at, it’s infused with nutrients that will leave you feeling satisfied, happy and healthy.

The colorful touch is also an indicator of the diversity of flavors and nutrients present in this salad. Besides, it’s such a cute dish your friends and family won’t be able to complain about the meatless “detail”.

5. Fine beans and potato curry

Fine beans and potato curry vegan recipes
Source: Great British Chefs

For lunch or as a starter, it doesn’t really matter because this is still delicious. That’ the beauty of vegan recipes.

It might look too simple and boring with just the potatoes and the beans, but the secret is in the sauce, the curry and the condiments used. They infuse this otherwise bland recipe with intense flavors that will leave everyone asking for more.

6. Calabacitas quesadillas

Calabacitas quesadillas vegan recipes
Source: Ambitious Kitchen

Mexican dishes are a problem. They’re amazingly good but there’s always some trace of meat or animal derivatives in sight.

Therefore, when good Mexican-inspired vegan recipes come along, you can lose the opportunity to try them out. Like with the quesadillas with zucchini (calabacitas). It feels light, healthy and, most of all, tasty.

7. Avocado quinoa salad

Avocado quinoa salad vegan recipes
Source: Veggies Save The Day

This salad is mostly used as a side dish not because it needs to be accompanied with something, but because it’s so filling.

Quinoa’s properties and benefits are more than known by now, as well as avocados and tomatoes, so there’s no need to explain why this is such a rich salad. But the fresh flavor might come as a surprise.

8. Vegan risotto

Vegan risotto vegan recipes
Source: Well Plated

Do you want to prepare a dish everyone can enjoy and love? Then you have to try out this risotto recipe. Without any dairy but with several clever tricks to achieve a taste and texture as close to the original as possible, you might have found your new fancy recipe to impress your family and guests.

9. Stuffed zucchini

Stuffed zuchinni vegan recipes
Source: The Stingy Vegan

Exchange the eggplant for a zucchini and prepare this meal to get a light but fulfilling lunch.

The TVP creates the perfect texture to replace the minced meat, with the condiments and the green paper enhancing the flavors to create a pungent fill that combines perfectly with the softer zucchini juices.

10. Olive artichoke tart

Olive artichoke tart vegan recipes
Source: Green Evi

Tarts are practical lunches that you can eat cold or warm and easily take with you to work or to a picknick. And when they are tasty, even better.

Prepare this recipe and enjoy the way the pungent taste of olives embrace the softer one of artichoke to create a light and nutritious tart.

Best vegan recipes for dinner

After a long day at work, it’s time to replenish energies with a fulfilling and nutritive meal. The following recipes are exactly that, with the added plus that they’re also tasty. Try them out!

1. Enchilada Casserole

Enchilada Casserole vegan recipes
Source: The kitchn

When you choose the right ingredients, simplicity has nothing on vegan dishes. This is one of those cases.

With only 6 ingredients, this recipe manages to be packed with flavors that combine perfectly to create a satisfying and well-nourished dish. Extra points for the lasagna display that lets the mushrooms take the central stage and add a meat-like texture that will please even meat-lovers.

2. Sweet potato vegan Buddha bowl

Sweet potato vegan Buddha bowl vegan recipes
Source: Fit Foodie Finds

Getting all the different macronutrients in one single dish is always great. But when this nutritious side is accompanied by a tasty flavor? Perfect.

The sweet potato clearly stands out but rather than overtake the remaining flavor, it combines with them perfectly to give an interesting twist to this recipe.

3. Mexican bean rice

Mexican bean rice vegan recipes
Source: Vegan Society

Do you like substantial food, that fills you up and leaves you fully satisfied? Then this is the rice for you.

This recipe is inspired by the Mexican bean rice, which is usually accompanied by meat. But you won’t be missing it because the rice itself is so delicious and fulfilling that it’s enough.

4. Mozzarella and pumpkin pizza

Mozarella and pumpkin pizza vegan recipes
Source: PETA

One of the many added values of Veganism is that it, in order to increase the meal variety, it stimulates combinations of ingredients and foods that normally you wouldn’t associate together.

Would you ever think about adding pumpkin to a pizza before you became a vegan? Probably not, and look what you’ve been missing.

5. Sweet potato and black bean burgers

Sweet potato and black bean burgers vegan recipes
Source: Cookie and Kate

Take a new approach to burgers with this recipe. Do they taste similar to an original meat burger? No, but no one cares because they are just great.

The sweetness of the potato and the consistency of the beans mix up perfectly to create a consistent, tasty and textured burger.

The marking detail, though, is the oats cover, that grants these burgers a crunchiness meat cannot even dream of.

6. Peanut-squash stew

Peanut-squash stew vegan recipes
Source: Real Simple

Squash has usually quite a bland taste before being marinated or mixed with spices. However, you would never even imagine that with this recipe. The peanut sauce mixes so well with the squash flavor in this stew that it creates a new flow of intense flavors.

The only problem with this recipe is that it’s quite fulfilling. This means it is likely you will feel stuffed before your taste buds are ready to give up.

7. Mac and cheese with gomasio

Mac and cheese with gomasio vegan recipes
Source: One Green Planet

By now, Mac and Cheese is a classic dish. It’s one of those comfort foods that everyone loves to have once in a while to get a homey feeling. And being a vegan doesn’t reduce those cravings any less.

Try out this recipe suited for gluten intolerants as well as vegans and take the chance to meet the power of gomasio, the savory condiment that really makes a difference here.

8. Meatless Meatloaf

Meatless meatloaf vegan recipes
Source: Veganosity

So you’ve given up on meat. Does that mean no more meatloaf for you? Well, yes and no. You certainly won’t be having any meat but you can still enjoy this dish in its vegan version.

The smokey flavor is there, the tasty looks too, texture it’s pretty close and it has loads of protein. What more could one ask for?

9. Baby pumpkin stuffed with spiced lentils

Baby pumpkin stuffed with spiced lentils vegan recipes
Source: Mindful Chef

Get creative and artistic with your meals and try out this recipe. It looks fancy and it tastes even better, with the juices of the pumpkin impregnating the filling to give it that slightly sweet taste so characteristic of this veggie.

The spicy lentils are also key in this meal, giving it a tangy and more interesting touch.

10. Coconut and quinoa curry (Slow cooker)

Coconut and quinoa curry vegan recipes
Source: Simply quinoa

Got yourself a slow cooker? If so, go fetch it because you are going to want to give this recipe a try.

With loads of veggies and quinoa, it’s packed with nutrients that will make your body feel much better. But it’s the flavor that deserves a nod since the slow cooker really works and develops every aroma to create an intense flavored coconut-curry sauce.

Best vegan recipes for dessert

Meals are done, everyone is happy and pleasantly surprised with your vegan recipes that had them questioning their own diets. Now it’s time to close in style with a sweet and healthy dessert. It’s time for the cherry on the top.

1. Chocolate raspberry brownies

Chocolate raspberry brownies vegan recipes
Source: Rainbow Plant Life

These brownies are the definition of a chocolate bomb, so if you’re into the guilty pleasures of cocoa, go ahead. The recipe adds chocolate at least on 4 different occasions, which already says a lot. However, the fact that it uses a 70% dark chocolate makes all the difference.

The brownies get a nice and moist texture that almost dissolves in the mouth. The flavor is also perfect because it’s balanced.

The dark chocolate, which can taste sweeter or bitter depending on the person’s taste, find in the raspberries the perfect allied because they will give back the opposite flavor.

2. Mini berry cheesecakes

Mini berry cheesecakes vegan recipes
Source: Sarah Bakes Gluten Free

With no refined sugar, gluten, dairy or animal derivatives… Can such a dessert be good? Well, it can and these mini cheesecakes are surely proof of that. Besides being just cute, these little pastries are packed with soft and fresh flavors coming directly from the fresh fruit from their recipe.

The berries taste is certainly the most notorious but the slight sweetness of coconut and the fresh zing of lemon are also noticeable in creating a perfectly balanced cake.

3. Orange creamsicle

Orange creamsicle vegan recipes
Source: It doesn’t taste like chicken

You can either prepare these creamsicles as a dessert or simply stash them in your freezer for when the weather gets too hot. It doesn’t matter because regardless of the situation or occasion, everyone is going to love these fresh and sweet orange ice creams.

Vegan recipes tend to be tricky when it comes to creamsicles but this recipe has the advantage of not needing a special ice cream gadget, so anyone can do it.

4. Dark chocolate and raspberry trifle

Dark chocolate and raspberry triffle vegan recipes
Source: Rainbow Nourishments

Surprise your family and guests with this gourmet-looking dessert that will make everyone fall in love with its flavor.

The sourdough ensures the crispiness remains even after some days in the fridge. The punchy sweetness of the vanilla extract and the maple syrup give it the slight pleasant taste that will clash with the creamy but bitter dark chocolate to create a balanced dessert, just at the right point between freshness, sweetness and sourness.

5. Sticky pecan pie

Sticky pecan pie vegan recipes
Source: Livekindly

Pecans are a great source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and you know what else? Flavor. Try out this recipe of pecan pie and indulge in a healthy but guilty moment of sweetness.

6. Lemon meringue pies

Lemon meringue pies vegan recipes
Source: Lazy Cat Kitchen

Soft, fresh, creamy and delicious. The contrast between the sweet cream and the crumbly pastry is also just right and perfect. This tiny pier will definitely leave a mark among your guests and family in any hot day.

7. Tiramisu brownies

Tiramisu brownies vegan recipes
Source: Active Vegetarian

Looking at the traditional tiramisu recipe it might seem impossible to even prepare it in a vegan way. But impossible things happen sometimes.

Enjoy this creamy and juicy Italian classic now with a brownie texture to accommodate the vegan changes but with the same flavor you grew accustomed to.

8. Hot chocolate cupcakes

Hot chocolate cupcakes vegan recipes
Source: Wallflower Kitchen

If you’re a chocoholic, this might be the recipe you’ve been looking for all along. It’s the equivalent of a nice and sweet mug of hot chocolate but in the form of a cupcake.

As if this wasn’t enough, the aquafaba marshmallows give them an even tastier and sweet look and flavor.

9. Raspberry coconut mango sorbet

Raspberry coconut mango sorbet vegan recipes
Source: Minimalist Baker

When the weather forecast seems to be particularly good and hot, you will want to have this sorbet waiting for you on your freezer.

When the fruit is the main source of flavor and texture in a recipe, you know it can only be good.

10. Chocolate pudding

Chocolate pudding vegan recipes
Source: A virtual vegan

The velvet and creamy texture of this pudding is already reason enough to give it a try but there’s more than what meets the eye with this recipe.

It might look like a regular chocolate pudding dessert sprinkled with pomegranate, but the cocoa’s brownish color also hides banana… and sweet potato.

Ready to try these recipes up?

Do you already know which of these vegan recipes are you going to try first or do they so good that it becomes hard to pick? Probably the second.

If you’re a beginner, all these new ingredients and condiments with names hard to pronounce can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. But don’t worry. Just start slow, pick recipes with ingredients you already own or at least know and build up from there your own began meal menu.

If you don’t know where to start, check out the following video with three easy and vegan dinner ideas for beginners.